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Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

REMEMBER: Valentine’s Day can go one of two drastically different directions: 1) Execute it perfectly and you will be basking in adoration for the next 365 days; or 2) Drop the ball and you spend the next 365 days trying to correct the error of your ways. Don’t fret, though, making your partner’s day is easier than it seems. Case in point: These can’t-fail gifts that let her know she’s the center of your world.

   What You Need To Know
  •     Chocolate is the official source of nutrition on Valentine's Day.
  •     Lingerie is a tricky but rewarding gift -- do your research on which pieces will suit your woman.
  •     Women love to be pampered, so at-home spa gear is a great go-to purchase.


Chocolate is the go-to gift for romantic occasions that will never fail you. Avoid the trap of your run-of-the-mill chocolate, though, and go for a brand that defines quality and taste. Lindt LINDOR truffles are guaranteed to be irresistibly smooth and delicious. Plus, they come in red and pink packaging, and in heart shapes for Valentine’s Day.


Perfume can be a risky buy since everyone’s preferences are different, but if you choose something that you would love to smell on her every day, she will definitely appreciate the sentiment. If you don’t know her scent of choice, try Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioia, which is exactly what it claims to be, “A clean, incredibly fresh, aquatic scent that is ultra-approachable, yet memorable.” It comes in a variety of forms, including shower gel, hair mist, body lotion and a special Valentine’s Day gift collection.

Flowers are always a popular choice for Valentine’s Day and a pretty safe option regardless of how long you’ve been with your girl. Casual girlfriends and wives alike love getting flowers. Go classic for Valentine’s Day with long-stemmed red roses or think outside of the box with a delicate orchid. has a wide variety of Valentine-appropriate flowers and gifts, all of which can be delivered directly to her home or workplace.


    Lingerie is another Valentine's Day gift that benefits the gift-giver as much, if not more, than the gift-receiver. It's a win-win situation.

Lingerie is another Valentine’s Day gift that benefits the gift-giver as much, if not more, than the gift-receiver. It’s a win-win situation. Sizing can be difficult when it comes to underwear. The best way to make sure you’re getting the right size is to take a look at one of her bras when she’s not looking and write down what you find on the tag. You could also go with a sexy slip, nightie or teddy since these items usually come in standard sizes like Small, Medium and Large. Victoria’s Secret has five pages of Valentine-themed lingerie for you to choose from. It goes, without saying, though, that this is definitely not a first-date gift.

Spa gear

Help turn her own bathroom into a relaxing spa experience by getting her everything she needs to pamper herself. Start with some smells-good-enough-to-eat bath and body products. Don’t forget some candles, an essential oil burner or a reed diffuser to set the mood. You can get everything you need at The Body Shop.


Most women always love jewelry. To make the gift of jewelry even more romantic, personalize it. For example, a bracelet can carry a charm that has an engraved sentiment. A locket can be engraved with your anniversary date and include pictures of each of you inside the locket.


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