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High Water in Venice

The magic of Venice in any season has no need to be reminded. It is a very popular destination year round but winter is probably the best time to visit this enchanting city if you want to avoid crowds, live the real Venice’s atmosphere and find cheap hotels.
“Acqua alta” (high water) is a phenomenon which generally takes place in Venice in Autumn and Winter, when a combination of astronomical tide, strong south wind (scirocco) can cause a larger inflow of water into the Venetian Lagoon. But the risk of acqua alta should not prevent you from visiting the city. The floods do not take place everyday and last only a few hours, especially in the area around St Mark’s square, the lowest point of Venice. So pack good waterproof footwear and plenty of warm clothes and stride through the fascinating morning mist that envelops the whole city! Winter in Venice is the season of cold temperatures, icy winds from the sea, quiet streets, misty views and…hot chocolate! In cold weather, you shouldn’t miss the Venetian hot chocolate with whipped cream. Viziovirtù, located in San Tomà in Calle del Campaniel, 15 minutes walk from St. Mark’s Square, is definitely one of the best chocolate shops in Venice and serves a mouthwatering hot chocolate with classic or spicy flavors. Since the days are short in winter, I would suggest you to go sightseeing until early in the afternoon and later enjoy the evening in a cozy restaurant or a romantic wine bar.


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