Theresa Elliott: the artist who has the fingers of photographic simulations accurately surprising!

Always say that creativity has no boundaries .. And because there is nothing like creativity of the Creator Almighty, we find that the closer the creature is unable to transfer an image of the creatures as they are and to highlight the beauty of the details of the closer of excellence and to draw the attention of many

We are exposed in our topic artist that is very skillful at drawing. Stunning so make us believe that it is Photo and not painted!
Teresa Elliott .. was born in Weatherford, Texas, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas. has worked as painter to identify the criminals, that is, she hear the descriptions of wanted criminals to justice and paints their faces to help the police find them.

Before entering the university she sketched pastel portraits from life everyday in front of an outdoor audience for several months 6 days a week in St. Louis, Missouri.

and after graduating from the university turned to painting and has done some advertising campaigns and came to work as an artist and professional graphic designer for 26 years!

What is so impressive that she has taught herself the art of graphic design programs and went to the professionalism without resorting to external studies!

Here's more from her work and where you will notice that how it always influenced by her environment, which grew up in Texas.

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