Your Daily Life in [20 GIFs]

When you see your ex at a party:

When your boss catches you not doing your work:

When you are crossing the street and someone honks at you to hurry up:

When you were a kid and got to go to the playground:

When you find a friend you can act stupid with:

When you see a girl with a nice butt wearing yoga pants:

When someone starts gossiping about someone you hate:

When your girlfriend randomly asks you if you want to have sex:

When someone starts talking about politics:

When you go out to a fancy dinner and get the bill:

When the phone rings while you’re on the toilet:

When a cute person calls you cute:

When you get home from a long day:

When you work retail and have to listen to the store’s music all day:

When your really innocent friend says something sexual:

When you step to get around someone, but they step in the same direction:

When someone gets an A and they “didn’t even study”:

When someone points a rubberband at you:

When you lose your only friend that went to a party with you:

When you try to explain your favorite movie to someone who knows nothing about it:

most of these come from here, here, here and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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